Beginner Introduction To Classical Music, Poetry, And Art

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Beginner Introduction To Classical Music, Poetry, And Art, Learn to appreciate the greatest music and art that give you potent emotional experiences.

Join me on a brief, but powerful journey of experiencing some of the greatest classical music and art in the history of mankind.

We’ll not only experience these works together, but I’ll provide you with enough analysis of these works to enable you to begin your own relationship with those works.

My hope is that after this course, you’ll take your own initiative, and venture into the world of great art and music on your own.


Great art ad music will enrich your inner life for the rest of your life. The greatest artworks strike you, put you in awe, and create a life of their own in your soul, forever changing you.


I’ve taken a few pieces of classical music and art which inspired me to create my own homages to them. After giving you the analysis of the great art and music, I’ll show you the poetry and music I made as a nod and a homage to those.


Throughout the course, I’ll share my own work that’s inspired by the work of other artists. My work will naturally pale in comparison to the great historical works, so I’d appreciate it is you receive my work with an open heart, and not too much criticism.

This course is me inviting you into my world of art appreciation, hoping you’ll join me with an open mind and heart.

Invest in your inner life! Enroll in the course today!

Beginner Introduction To Classical Music, Poetry, And Art
Beginner Introduction To Classical Music, Poetry, And Art
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