CCNA 200-301 Complete course – Not Just another CCNA course

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CCNA 200-301 Complete course – Not Just another CCNA course, A complete course which covers all the exam topics of CCNA 200-301. It includes 18 Hours of Theory and 9 Hours of Lab.

Learn CCNA from a Triple CCIE (R&S, Security, SP) certified instructor in just 28+ Hours. The instructor has 15 years of extensive experience in the network industry. It is an engaging course which include animations on several important topics, infographic slides and extensive lab practice.

The course is divided into six different chapters as follows:

1.    Network Fundamentals

2.    Network Access

3.    IP Connectivity

4.    IP Services

5.    Security Fundamentals

6.    Automation and Programmability

In “Network fundamentals” chapter, we have covered History of Networking Standards,TCP/IP, OSI, Transport Layer, TCP & UDP, Multiplexing, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Cabling types, IPv4 & IPv6 addressing, IPv4 subnetting, Default Gateway.

In “Network Access” chapter, we have covered Switching technology, Wireless technology, and Cisco WLAN deployments.

In “IP Connectivity” chapter, we have covered IP routing process, static and dynamic routing, and FHRP protocols.

In “IP Services” chapter, we have covered DNS, NAT, DHCP, SNMP, FTP, TFTP, and QOS.

“Security fundaments” chapter is composed of security terminologies, different types of attacks & vulnerabilities, AAA, TACACS+, RADIUS, Security program, Internet VPN, ACLs, standard and extended ACL.

“Automation & programmability” chapter is comprised of Types of planes, controllers, SDN, NBI, SBI, APIC, ACI, Cisco SDA, Rest API, Software CRUD actions, HTTP verbs, URI, DATA Serialization, JSON, traditional configuration model versus centralized configuration model, ANSIBLE, PUPPET, and CHEF.

So, are you ready to Jumpstart your career in networking?

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