Learn How To Film Professional Video In Just 30 Minutes

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Learn How To Film Professional Video In Just 30 Minutes, 10 Cinematography Basics, from Rule of Thirds to Long Pause, You will learn everything to get started filming today.

Filming videos should never be a complicated task if you have a smartphone and the courage to begin with. In this course, I teach you about 10 very basics of film-making and cinematography which you can learn and apply to film a video professionally whether It’s for yourself or someone else. Like rule of thirds, camera movement, B-roll, long pause, pan and tilt etc. All the basics discussed in the course, I show you hands on example so that you can achieve that as well. Some of those basics will help you to capture better photos as well because photography and videography are closely related.

In this 30 minute course you will learn when you need to move your camera according to the action and when not and just let the camera roll to have a static shot. It all depends on the story you are working on and how you are presenting it. You do not need to spend a significant amount of time to get started your filmmaking journey. The basics should be the foundation and easy If you can grab it. I made this course so easy and prompt to follow along to give you a better and unique learning experience. If you are a beginner, It will be the best course for you to start your film-making journey.

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