Building Chrome Extension to Block Ads & URL with Javascript

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Building Chrome Extension to Block Ads & URL with Javascript, Learn how to build Chrome Extension to block Ads & URL with Javascript.

Welcome to Building Ads Blocker Chrome Extension with Javascript course. This is a project based course where you will be guided step by step on how to build Chrome Extension for blocking ads on Youtube from scratch using Javascript programming language alongside with JSON. The way the Chrome Extension works is targeting a certain part of HTML code which contains ads and immediately removing that part. Hence, by doing so, the user of this Chrome Extension software might hopefully have a better browsing experience due to less distraction from ads which sometimes can be quite annoying from the standpoint of the user. In this course, you will not only learn from the technical perspective on how to program your Chrome Extension using Javascript but you will also be exposed to the business perspective on how to public your Chrome Extension for public to use on Chrome Extension marketplace as well as several different ways you can consider to monetise your Chrome Extension which potentially will make you realize the opportunities you can benefit from this market.

For those of you who might have concerns regarding the complexity of the project which will be built in this course, I can guarantee that there is nothing you should be worry about as this course also comes with basic Javascript training session which is created and designed specifically to prepare students who are not really confident with their Javascript programming skills to do well on this project. Therefore, you will master all skills and knowledge that you need to know before starting to build the ads blocker Chrome Extension.

Below are things you will learn from the course:

  1. Basic Javascript Training Session:
  • Different data types in Javascript (string, number, and boolean)
  • Creating conditional statements (if/else statement)
  • Operating for loops
  • Building function and pass down parameter
  1. Youtube Ads Blocker Chrome Extension:
  • Creating manifest JSON file for providing specifications to Chrome
  • Building logics to skip ads by targeting HTML code
  • Attaching picture which will be used as the icon for chrome extension
  • Uploading and activating chrome extension
  • Multiple different paths to monetise Chrome Extension product
  • Navigating Chrome Web Store to explore many different Chrome Extension products

As the common belief that the most effective way to learn is actually to learn by doing and that is exactly what you are going to do in this course, instead of learning theory from the textbook, you get to apply your skills and knowledge in Javascript to build real project with real use cases, as matter of fact, you are going to build Chrome Extension from scratch. Hence, by doing so you will get to test out and evaluate your expertise in Javascript. Last but not least, since you will also be exposed to the business perspective of monetising Chrome Extension products, you will certainly be motivated to integrate your technical knowledge in programming with an entrepreneurial mindset of fulfilling the need of the market and most essentially be challenged to produce and launch the best quality and high value Chrome Extension product soon.

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