Learning Google Chrome From Scratch

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Learning Google Chrome From Scratch, Surf the web with ease.

Google Chrome is a popular web browser by Google that allows you to surf the web and keep track of the websites that you visited. It also helps you to keep track of your accounts and their credentials.

In this course, we will learn how to use the browser in detail and we will be exploring ways to get the best out of Google Chrome.

We will start the course by getting familiar with Google Chrome’s interface and then explore different ways to access websites. We will see basic features such as going back to the previous page, reloading pages, and stopping the loading of a website as well.

We will learn how we can use our Google Account with chrome and use the sync option as well. Also, we will see how we can utilize tabs while surfing the web.

Additionally, we will see Chrome features such as zooming in and out of webpages, changing download location, changing language preferences and other browser features that help us to keep track of webpages that we visit.

After that, we will also explore features such as incognito window, developer tools and changing the theme of Google Chrome as well.

This way, this course covers the details of Google Chrome’s capabilities and how you can utilize them best while surfing the web.

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