Intro to Manual and Automation Software Testing with ChatGPT

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Intro to Manual and Automation Software Testing with ChatGPT, Explore how QA Engineer can use ChatGPT for Manual and Automation Software Testing, level up a quality of your work.

Hi everyone. This course is about how ChatGPT can be useful for a Manual Software Tester or a Tester who would like to automate with the help of AI.

The course will be useful for testers:

  • Absolute beginners in Software Testing who want to learn the usage of one of the most popular AI ChatGPT for Manual and Automation Testing
  • Experienced Manual Software Testers who want to learn how to automate test cases with the help of ChatGPT in a short time
  • Anyone who wants to take the first steps in Software Automation Testing with the help of ChatGPT

We want to warn you right away that this is not a complete course. This is a free course with answers to the 3 most popular

aspects of usage of chatGPT for Manual Software Testing as well as demonstrates 1 how to write a Selenium/Java test case

with the help of ChatGPT as a part of the  Automation Software Testing. After passing it, you will be able to understand

whether the training format offered by us is suitable for you. The full course is available on the udemy inside the list of our courses:

Manual and Automation Software Testing with help of ChatGPT

To help you understand how and whether we need ChatGPT for testing, we have prepared two parts of our  full course:

First, we learn how to use ChatGPT for Manual Software Testing

In particular, we will familiarize ourselves with such aspects of using ChatGPT for Manual Software Testing as:

1. Review Software Business Requirements

2. Assistance with building the Test Plan

3. Assistance with test monitoring and control

4. Assistance with Test Design of manual test cases

5. Assistance with writing a bug report

6. Assistance in API testing

7. Assistance in creating test tables, lists

8. Assistance in writing SQL queries

9. Assistance with Data Generation

Each of these aspects of using ChatGPT for software testing is shown in real-life examples to better understand the purpose of using this tool.

Also, in the course, we will discuss the top 3 AI alternatives to ChatGPT for Software Testing. In particular, we will take a look at alternatives such as Bard AI (By Google), Bing AI (By Microsoft), and Chatsonic AI by Writesonic

In this course, a manual QA Engineer can learn how to successfully write and then run the test script for the desired test case within one or a few days.

For that reason, we have prepared the Second part of the course, How to use ChatGPT for Automation Software Testing

In particular, you will overview the lectures:

1. How to write and run a Selenium/Java test case with ChatGPT.


3. HOW TO INSTALL IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

4. HOW TO SETUP Selenium WebDriver Chrome

5. Selenium WebDriver browserOptions()

6. Selenium Locators XPath

7. Selenium Locators XPath With Help Of CHATGTP

8. Selenium/Java Interactions with web elements

9. TestNG assertions With the Help Of CHATGTP

10. Test report for Selenium Java test script With Help Of CHATGTP

11. Selenium/Java test case for a search with the help of Chat GPT

12. Selenium/Java test case for Sorting on a web page with the help of Chat GPT

13. Selenium/Java test case for navigating to PLP>PDP>Minicard with the help of Chat GPT

Each lecture from the part of the course on using chatGTP for automation software testing is shown on our website where we

created separate components to show everything in practice. For each of our lessons, we created a separate class in the

IntelliJ IDEA Integrated Development Environment. So it will be easier for you to find the code you need in the future.

The final code will be available in the lecture materials and on our website. Using this code, we can open our webpage, run it,

and check the results.

We hope you will enjoy the course and feel free to write reviews and send topics that you would like to see,

Prepare a cup of coffee or another favorite drink and enjoy the course!

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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