Planning and Managing Change Masterclass

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Planning and Managing Change Masterclass, Take the pain away from planning and managing change – make the change, add value and get noticed.

People tend not to like change, we’ve all heard the default response from staff when they’re given an idea for a change, ‘we’ve always done it like this’ or ‘we tried that and it didn’t work’. This course will help you to understand the reasons for change, to plan change and to take your staff along the change journey in a structured pain-free way.
The advantages of planned change are many and varied, here are just a few:

Clarity and Direction: Planned change management provides a structured approach, enabling organisations to clearly define their objectives, strategies, and desired outcomes. It sets a clear direction for the change initiative, reducing confusion and enhancing focus.

Improved Performance: Effective change management increases the likelihood of successful outcomes. By ensuring alignment between the change initiative and organisational goals, planned change management optimises performance and productivity, leading to positive results.

Learning and Growth: Planned change management encourages learning throughout the change process. Lessons are captured, shared, and applied to future initiatives, promoting organisational growth and development.

In summary, planned change management offers advantages such as clear direction, stakeholder engagement, resistance mitigation, minimised disruptions, enhanced adaptability, improved performance, and opportunities for learning and growth.

No additional software or additional materials are required to attend this course.  You do not need any management experience or experience in change management to attend

Make changes in your workplace – get noticed

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