Pre-Boarding Training

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Pre-Boarding Training, Pre-Boarding Career Education.

Our Pre-Boarding training was designed by Charlene Swinton (Owner of Ready-Set-Achieve) and Ed Witkovic in the purpose of helping students and professionals acclimate, thrive, and achieve in the corporate environment. Charlene and Ed have both over 30 years of professional experience in both contributor and leadership roles. Charlene has a masters level education and has been working in the Human Resources field. Ed also has a masters level education working in the Technology field.

In this course you will learn about Pre-Boarding and how this knowledge will help you in your career. Pre-Boarding is career education that is designed to be completed before corporate on-boarding with the purpose of helping professionals:

1. Acclimate to the corporate environment.

2. Reduce the time it takes to thrive in their role.

3. Provide guidance in achieving their career goals.

Pre-Boarding sets you up with the knowledge you need for your role in the corporate environment.

• Provides you better understanding of the dynamics and environment specific to your corporate position.

• You learn targeted skills to help escalate the time it takes to be proficient in your role.

• Provides you the process and tools that will help guide you through a successful career path.

Pre-Boarding training is designed for any student or professional.

For students:

(Help transition from student to professional)

· Who are starting a corporate internship.

· Who are graduating and looking for their first corporate job.

· Just want to learn what it’s like starting in the corporate environment.

For professionals:

· Making a career change and entering the corporate world for the first time.

· Entering back into the corporate environment after a long time away.

· Interested in learning possible new ways to improve their career.

It helps:

· Develops more confidence in the role and responsibilities of the job.

· Reduce the challenges experienced when new to the corporate environment.

· Increase job satisfaction.

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