10 tips to pass IT interviews

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10 tips to pass IT interviews, Very short (less than 10 minutes) course how easily increase success of interviews you are going to pass.

The course will be useful for everyone: beginners and even experienced IT specialists. Sometimes excellent hard skills are not enough to get a job you wish. Please invest 10 minutes of your time to get these tips, based on my numerous interviews (few hundreds during the past 20 years). Sometimes I share them with really good candidates who cannot present themselves well because of different reasons (like introvert personality etc). Now it will be enough for me to share a link on this course.

There are 10 advices in the course, simple to implement. It will not require a lot of efforts from your side, but definitely will make your more attractive. Especially during the initial interviews, which is beginning of your journey for the new job. So, you will need just warry about (or not) of your professional skills then.

Enjoy and good luck on your next interviews!

PS: if you need more advices about some related topics, you can easily dive in details with my other courses – please see the list of the courses available in my profile or at the end of the course. I also appreciate your comments and feedback, which always allow me to make my courses better.

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