Capcut Video Editing for Beginners – Short-form Viral Videos

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Capcut Video Editing for Beginners – Short-form Viral Videos, Learn How to Use the Completely Free Capcut PC App to Edit Shortform Videos for Platforms Like Tiktok, Reels and YouTube.

Are you tired of having to pay every month for expensive video editing software like Premiere Pro?

Then you’ve come to right place!

Capcut is completely free and doesn’t even leave a watermark.

It’s also available both for PC and Smartphone, and for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS.

In this course we will be using the PC(Desktop)¬†version of Capcut since it’s the most intuitive and is easy for beginners to understand. But once you learn how edit using the PC¬†App, you will also be able to use the mobile app version since the features are exactly the same.

Once you do this course, you will realize that Capcut is as good as any paid video editing software out there because it can pretty much do anything those paid software can do.

In this course, you will learn how to create short-form videos for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts.

Short-from video editing is the most challenging form of editing since it requires a multitude of skills and a lot of planning before you even start editing the video. Once you learn how to edit short-form videos, editing any other type of video becomes a walk in the park.

That is why in this course, we will be taking up a real life project video. You will be getting your hands on all the files, so you can edit along with me.

Here are just some of the things we will be learning in this course:

  • Understand the editing interface in Capcut
  • Understand the important settings in Capcut
  • Learn about developing an efficient video editing workflow
  • How to sync the audio and video
  • Basics like changing the aspect ration, trimming and splitting the video
  • Working with b-roll footage and overlay images
  • Understanding and using keyframes to create custom movement
  • Using animations, transitions and effects
  • Working with sound effects and music in Capcut
  • How to generate auto-captions in Capcut

And so much more.

Learning how to use Capcut is a great move since it would mean that you will never ever have pay for any video editing software again.

So don’t wait any longer. Sign up right now and let’s get started straight away!

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