Unlock the power of structured interviews in a Holistic Way

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Unlock the power of structured interviews in a Holistic Way, A Comprehensive Behavioral Interviewing Guide for 2023.

In these uncertain times with labor and skill shortages, I’ve been pondering: how can we better support each other? With over 20 years in HR with standout companies such as Apple. I’ve come to value a holistic hiring process that emphasizes understanding people, their competencies, and having a solid structure during interviews.

What Will You Learn?

· Decades of Experience Shared: Get insights from my years working in both the corporate world and startups.

· Human-Centered Recruitment: Even if you are using tools with AI to source candidates, maintaining a human-centered approach during the interview journey is crucial for ensuring a successful, fair, and ethical recruitment process.

· Structured and Behavioral Interviewing: Dive deep into structured interviews as a potent tool and understand the nuances of behavioral interviewing. This approach isn’t just a trend—it’s about effectively gauging potential based on behaviors and agility. I’m eager to guide you, not only technically but ethically too.

Who’s This For? Everyone involved in the interviewing process! From junior recruiters to CEOs, this course aims to establish an inclusive, fair interview and recruitment process. We’ll cover everything from competency-based interviewing to tackling biases, understanding the importance of learning agility, and mastering the art of behavioral interviewing, ensuring you’re well-equipped to handle the challenges of modern recruitment.

Why Structured Interviews?: With the goal of being transparent and effective, structured interviews have proven to be invaluable. They’re more than just questions; they’re about understanding the whole person. At Monday People, we’ve adopted this approach wholeheartedly, believing that every interview should be an exploration, not just a conversation.

Fresh Insights for 2023: It’s a brand-new course for 2023, packed with up-to-date insights from world of HR and recruitment.

In Conclusion: Join me on this journey. Let’s reshape the way we think about recruitment, making it more human-centered and effective. Thank you for letting me share my experience with you. Dive in and enjoy the training!

Unlock the power of structured interviews in a Holistic Way
Unlock the power of structured interviews in a Holistic Way
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