Self-Selection and the Touchless Buying Experience

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Self-Selection and the Touchless Buying Experience, Self-Selection Tools.

Is your website forcing visitors to fill out a form to get a quote? Does it make them have to talk to someone before making a purchase?

Fact: Modern buyers don’t want to be sold to. They want to take ownership of their buying decision and know they’re making the best choice for themselves. Why do you think so many hide behind their computer screens rather than browsing (or braving) the aisles of their local stores?

Self-selection tools (think product match quizzes) transform your website experience to help buyers sell themselves. They help personalize a buyer’s experience on your website, making it not only easier but more enjoyable for them to make a purchase without needing to talk to someone on your team.

In this course, taught by IMPACT’s Chief Learning Officer Chris Duprey, you’ll learn everything you need to create this experience on your website, including:

  • What exactly a self-selection tool is
  • The different types of self-selection tools
  • How self-selection tools can help shorten the sales cycle and improve website conversion rates by guiding buyers to their best options
  • How to go about building your own self-selection tool

This course is a must-see for anyone in marketing, but especially those in sales, marketing, design, and user experience.

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