Professional Business Email Writing And Email Etiquette

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Professional Business Email Writing And Email Etiquette, Business email writing and email etiquette for communication with co-workers, your boss, and during sales.

Approach email writing as a professional by doing two things:

  • Become more productive in how you handle email that comes in and out.
  • Improve your actual writing and communication style.


Grammar, word choice, the points we decide to make, and our eloquence in communication are a part of the quality of our writing. In this course, we’ll go over word choices and deciding which points to prioritize. We’ll also discuss how to write more eloquently and succinctly.

You don’t have to become a poet, but for professional communication, you do need to express yourself clearly and efficiently, and that’s what we’ll focus on in this course.

Additionally, you must embrace the most boring part of writing, which is proofreading. We’ll focus on proofreading strategies as well.


Email productivity is a big topic among busy professionals because we all want to spend less time reading, processing, and replying to email.

Sure, it’s nice to get email sometimes because some email carries good news like clients who want to pay or friends who want to hang out. But most of email is just other people adding tasks to our todo lists, and we want to be careful of that.

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