Diploma Course in Generalist Human Resource Management

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Diploma Course in Generalist Human Resource Management, Learn the Role and Responsibilities at Individual or Group and Organization Level, Employee Life Cycle, Policy & Process.

Generalist HR and Business scaling

Unlock and Learn Generalist HR’s Roles and Responsibilities at Individual, Group and Organization Level. Learn critical and important business functions like Employee Life Cycle Management, Policy and Process Management, Daily Operation, Employee Communication and Strategy Management.

The Generalist HR Program equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to become an effective HR professional. You will understand the context for Generalist HR’s in the business environment and, how to help your organization and employees thrive, and how to successfully implement different process initiative, engage into positive communication, and manage structured operation or employee life cycle and strategic organizational initiatives to add value to your business.

Type Online self-paced learning

Language English (including subtitles)

Access Lifetime/Free

Structure 6 courses + capstone project / 12 modules

· Quizzes, assignments, capstone project.

· Digital certificate upon completion and support from the instructor.

· Reading materials & Complete Transcript of the content.

· 200 plus downloadable materials like forms, templates, formats and manuals.

Curriculum structure: Practical. Comprehensive. Game changing.

· Part 1: Roles and Responsibilities – 2 MODULES

· Part 2: HR Strategy – 3 MODULES

· Part3: Employee Management – 4 MODULES

· Part4: HR Best Practices – 2 MODULES

· Part5: Capstone Project and Assignments


This is a MBA/PGDBM style practical skill-oriented Learning to become a Generalist Human Resource Professional with all the applicable organizational, Employee Management, Operational, Leadership and Managerial skill applicable for all the managers, MBA students, aspiring Management Professionals.

You will learn with curate video Content, Explanations by the Industry experts, Case Studies, Downloadable Materials with below mentioned advance HR Concepts which will help you to become an up-to-date Professionals who can manage all the organizational activities and development.

· HR Policy and Process


· ADIEE, Kirk Patrick Model

· BRAS, MBO, Bell Curve

· Welfare, Labor Laws and TDS

· HR Branding and Employee Experience

· HR Leadership and Change Management

· HR Operation and SLA

· HR Metrics and Analytics

A detailed look at the curriculum and modules

Part 1: Role and Responsibility of Generalist HR

Learn the role of Role of Generalist HR and how it adds value to your organization. What are your key responsibilities and KRA which can gives a measureable value creation.

1. Role and Responsibility at Individual and Group Level

· HR Generalist Role

· Responsibilities within HR

· KRA and Success Measure

2. Role and Responsibility at Business and Organization Level

· Business Contribution

· Organizational Development

Part2: HR Strategy

How to create an organizational framework, set up the process and improving it. Learn the process of scaling up the business and create the strategy for the business need.

3. HR Introduction

· Introduction, definition, HRM functions, Objectives of HRM, Nature and scope of HRM, Personal policies of HRM, Principles of HRM

· Evolution and revision of Personal policies

· HRM significance

· HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

4. Policy and Process Management

· HR Policy Management

· HR Process Management

· Update and Improvement of Process

5. Business Alignment and Scaling

· Scale up of HR Operation

· Supporting different business need

· HRM Effectiveness

· Managing HR Function

· Strategy Alignment

Part3: Employee Management

Learn how to plan, organize and structured HR operation. How to manage key business functions, strategic alignments and common HR mistakes. Learn tools and strategy for the communication or managing a conversation.

6. Talent Acquisition

· Job Analysis

· Job Design

· Recruitment

· Selection

· Job Portal and ATS

7. Training and Human Resource Development

· Training, Development and Career Management Part 1

· Training and Development and Career Management Part 2

· Human Resource Development

· Assessment Test and Tool

· ADDIE Model

· Kirk Patrick Model


8. Performance Management

· Performance Management System

· Job Evaluation Part 1

· Job Evaluation Part 2




· Bell Curve

· Hipo

9. Compensation and Labor Laws

· Compensation and Benefits

· Welfare

· Industrial Relations

· Workplace Safety And Health

· Managing Labour issue and Notice

· Labor Laws and TDS

Part4 HR Best Practices:

Learn HR Best Practice related to areas like engagement, branding, employee experience, HR Leadership, Team Management and Change Management

10. HR Engagement

· HR Branding

· Creating channel of Communication

· Conversation methods and strategy

· Creating Employee Experience

11. Leader ship, Motivation and Organizational Skill

· Marlow’s Theory

· Two Factors

· Theory X and Theory Y

· Belbin Teamwork

· Leadership and Change Management

Part5 Capstone Project and Assignments

With the capstone project and assignment, you will be applying your learnings to create a series of practical deliverables such as an implementation plan for Generalist HR skill, a stakeholder map, agenda, and an employee journey map.

12. Generalist HR Practice Assignments

· Recruitment as a Manager

· Training Need Analysis for the Manager’s

· Payroll Management chart or Compensation benefit chart

· Motivating a difficult person. The process.

· Statutory compliance according to Indian law

· Assignment of Creating Operational SLA

Downloadable Resources and Templates

1. Training and Development

2. Recruitment


4. Job Evaluation

5. Performance Appraisals

6. Compensation and benefits

7. HRM and staffing

8. HRM Letters

9. Compensation and benefits questions

10. Policy and Process

Case Studies

11. Guide to job description

12. Job Analysis and Job Description

13. Assessment Centre guide

14. HR Audit

15. HR Vocabulary

16. PMS Training

17. HRM Questions

18. Compensation Questions

Attached the Complete Transcript and Study Material

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Diploma Course in Generalist Human Resource Management
Diploma Course in Generalist Human Resource Management
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