Certification in Retail Management Operation

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Certification in Retail Management Operation, Complete guide applicable to any Retail Management and it’s different concepts Business and Operations Models.

Retail Management is a comprehensive course that provides a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles, strategies, and techniques involved in managing a successful retail business. The course explores various aspects of retail operations such as customer service, inventory management, merchandising, sales, marketing, and store management. Through real-life case studies and practical examples, participants will gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by retailers in today’s competitive market.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn essential skills for managing a successful retail business
  • Understand customer behavior and develop effective sales strategies
  • Master the art of visual merchandising and store layout optimization
  • Gain insights into inventory management and supply chain processes
  • Explore digital marketing techniques for retail businesses

Learning Outcome:

  • Learning Outcome 1
    Develop a solid understanding of retail management principles and concepts
  • Learning Outcome 2
    Learn techniques to effectively manage inventory and optimize stock levels
  • Learning Outcome 3
    Master the art of visual merchandising to enhance store appeal and boost sales
  • Learning Outcome 4
    Gain insights into customer behavior and develop effective sales strategies
  • Learning Outcome 5
    Explore various marketing techniques and digital strategies for retail businesses

Course Requirement

· You should have an interest in Retail management.

· An interest in Retail in India. Theories of Retail Development and business models in Retail.

· Be interested in getting the knowledge of understanding retail customers, Retail Strategy, Store site selection, merchandise management.

· Have an interest in understanding the store operations and profitability, retail management information system. Managing retail marketing and branding. Enhancing the knowledge of supply chain management.

Who this course is for:

· Professionals with retail managerial position who are interested in management of Retail market store, achieving operational excellence and customer intimacy.

· New professionals who is looking to see them successful in supply chain management.

· Existing retail management professional who is looking to get more engagement and innovation from their teams and organizations


With this course as your guide, you learn how to:

  • All the basic functions and skills required for the retail management skills.
  • Transform retail management knowledge and how information system can be used for managing retail marketing stores in an efficient way for the current retail business climate.
  • Get access to recommended templates and formats for the detail’s information related to retail management.
  • Learn useful case studies, understanding the customers, retail strategy, , enhancing decision making related to store site selections and store operations and profitability with useful forms and frameworks
  • Invest in yourself today and reap the benefits for years to come

The Frameworks of the Course

Engaging video lectures, case studies, assessment, downloadable resources and interactive exercises. This course is created to Learn about Retail management, its importance through various chapters. How to explain retail management in the retail business today. The retail E- Business and how the retail business use information system. Retail management Information system and its effectiveness.

Retail Management will help you to understand and how it should get maintained and managed accordingly to the functions in related to the retail industry or the organizations, and retail in India , theories of retail development business models in Retail that helps to understand the introduction of the retail related to understanding the retail consumer’s behavior. This video will also help to understand the details related to the functions of the retailer or the retail and how it related to the overall performance level of a retail industry, its various challenges related to the retail development in India that will help to understand the traditional business models in Indian Retails, the retail life cycle , the achieving the higher level of the sales volume within the retail market through understanding the retail consumers. Customer decision making process based on the customers buying and purchasing process, retail strategy, the retail value chain which is an important part of a managing the proper store site selection and how it should get maintained through different steps involved for the selection of the stores and its site selection. Different process of the merchandise management, related to the retail pricing strategies. Human resource management in retails will also help you to understand the different types of the HR Planning. Store operations, Store design and the details of supply chain management.

The course includes multiple Case studies, resources like formats-templates-worksheets-reading materials, quizzes, self-assessment, film study and assignments to nurture and upgrade your Retail management in details.

In the first part of the course, you’ll learn the most retail management system, its relation to Introduction to Retail, Retail in India, Theories of Retail Development and Business Models in India. Understanding the retail customers, retail strategy and store site selection. Merchandise Management.

In the middle part of the course, you’ll learn how to develop a knowledge of store operations and profitability. You will get a knowledge on store design and visual merchandising, retail marketing and branding.

In the final part of the course, you’ll develop the retail management information system, private labels and retail franchising. Supply chain management. You will get full support and all your quarries would be answered guaranteed within 48 hours.

Course Content:

Part 1

Introduction and Study Plan

· Introduction and know your Instructor

· Study Plan and Structure of the Course

1. Introduction to Retail

1.1. Objectives

1.2. Introduction

1.3. Meaning and scope of Retail.

1.4. Functions of Retailing

1.5. Marketing Retail equations

1.6. Rise of the Retailer

1.7. Overview of the Global Retail Market

1.8. Career in Retail.

2. Retail In India.

2.1. Organized Retail

2.2. Evolution of Retail in India.

2.3. Drivers of Retail Change in India.

2.4. Size of Retail in India.

2.5. Challenges to Retail Development in India.

3. Theories of Retail Development and Business models in Retail.

3.1. Evolution of Retail format (Popular stores and non- Stores Retail Format.

3.2. Theories of Retail development.

3.3. Concept of lifecycle in Retail.

3.4. Traditional Business Model in Indian Retail.

4. Understanding the Retail Consumer

4.1. Objectives

4.2. Introduction

4.3. Need for studying consumer behavior.

4.4. Factors influencing retail shoppers.

4.5. Customers decision making process based customers buying process.

5. Retail Strategy

5.1. Objectives

5.2. Introduction

5.3. Concept of business world

5.4. Strategy

5.5. The Retail Value Chain.

6. Store Site Selection.

6.1. Objectives

6.2. Introduction

6.3. Types of Retail Location.

6.4. Steps involved in choosing a retail location.

6.5. Methods of evaluating a trading area.

7. Merchandise Management.

7.1. Objectives

7.2. Introduction

7.3. Meaning

7.4. (Retail Merchandising, promotional merchandising and store management), Process of merchandise planning.

7.4.1 . Gather Historical Information.

7.4.2. Perform Qualitative analysis.

7.4.3. Customer Profile Analysis.

7.4.4. Department Analysis

7.4.5. Visual Presentation analysis.

7.5. The Assortment Planning.

7.6. Methods of Merchandising Procurement.

7.7. Cross merchandising

7.8. A customer’s perspective.

7.9. Retail Pricing

7.9.1. Objectives of pricing

7.9.2. Factors influencing pricing.

7.10. Retail Pricing Strategies.

8. Human Resource management in Retail

8.1. Introduction.

8.2. Human resource for Indian Retail scenario.

8.3. Human Resource management in retailing

8.4. Factors Influencing designing of organizational structure

8.5. Human Resource functions in Retailing

8.6. Task performed in a Retail firm.

8.7. Long term and Short term HR Planning.

9. Stores Operations and Profitability

9.1. Introduction

9.2. Store manager’s Responsibilities

9.3. What Makes the perfect Retail store Manager?

9.4. Staffing your Retail store.

9.5. Store Operations Resources.

9.6. Activity based costing

9.7. VED Classification/Analysis.

9.8. Budgeting and Planning.

9.9. Time Management.

10. Store Design and Visual Merchandising

10.1. Introduction.

10.2. Store Design and Layout

10.3. Objectives of Store Design

10.4. Visual Merchandising

Part 2

11. Retail marketing and Branding.

11.1. Introduction.

11.2. Retail Marketing.

11.3. Concept of retail marketing

11.4. Managing retail marketing.

11.5. Retail marketing in India.

11.6. Brand: Definition

11.7. Brand: Positioning.

12. Retail Management Information system

12.1. Introduction.

12.2. Electronic Data interchange.

12.3. Customer Database Management.

12.4. Electronic Retailing

13. Price Label and Retail Franchising.

13.1. Introduction

13.2. Price Labels

13.3. Franchising

14. Supply Chain Management.

14.1. Introduction

14.2. Components of SCM.

14.3. Types of Supply Chain.

14.4. Purchase Negotiation.

14.5. Retail supply Management.

14.6. Supply chain And Relationship.

14.7. Supply chain management Principles.

14.8. Barriers to supply chain managing

14.9. Retail Logistics.

Part 3

15. Assignments

Certification in Retail Management Operation
Certification in Retail Management Operation
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