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Register Trademarks (without an attorney), Apply for Trademark Registration with Step-by-Step Guidance. Created by former USPTO Trademarks Attorney.

Are you ready to file a federal trademark…without an attorney?  Do you want to learn about trademarks from a former USPTO Trademarks attorney? 

This comprehensive course is used by students at major universities, including Johns Hopkins, Columbia University, Vassar College, and University of Maryland.

Trademarks 101 (17 videos) provides the fundamentals of trademark knowledge, from picking the perfect brand name to searching for similar trademarks on the USPTO database.

Trademarks 102 (12 videos) provides Step-by-Step Guidance on submitting a trademark application to the USPT0 and how to avoid common trademark mistakes.

Trademarks 103 provides a free trademark infringement cease and desist letter template.

Leveraging years of experience as a USPTO trademarks attorney, we break down the legal jargon so that you can confidently submit your federal trademark application.

Trademarks represent incredible value for any Company’s brand. Trademarks also provide brand legitimacy and peace of mind against trademark infringers. With a federally registered trademark, you’ll have the legal right to sue for trademark infringement in federal court – and trademark protection in all 50 states.

With 29 video lectures, educational handouts, and templates, we teach you how to apply for and register a trademark with confidence.


Trademarks 101 – Preparing Your Application – The Basics

  • What is a trademark?
  • When should I register for a federal trademark?
  • The 5 Types of Trademarks
  • How to Conduct a Federal Direct Hit Search on the USPTO Database
  • What happens if you don’t register a trademark?
  • Trademarks and the Amazon Brand Registry
  • How to Pick the Perfect Brand Name
  • What is the difference between a trademark and a service mark?
  • When to use the TM, SM, or R Symbol
  • Why Twitter Handles are crucial for Trademarks
  • Learn from Lebron James’ and Tom Brady’s trademark mistakes
  • What is the difference between a trademark, copyright, and patent?
  • What is the difference between a “Use in Commerce” and “Intent to Use” trademark?
  • Should I register my business name or logo first?

Trademarks 102 – Step-By-Step Guidance of Submitting Your Trademark to the USPTO

  • Creating an Account with the USPTO
  • Part 1: Type of Application
  • Part 2: Ownership
  • Part 3(a): Type of Trademark
  • Part 3(b): Uploading Your Trademark
  • Part 3(c): Additional Statements
  • Part 4 – ID – Teas Plus
  • Part 5 – ID – Teas Standard
  • Part 5 – Specimen
  • Submitting Your Signature
  • What Happens Next After You Submit


After graduating with honors from Georgetown Law, I worked as a trademarks examining attorney at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). I reviewed thousands of federal trademark applications, and made legal decisions on which applications were published (approved).

Each day, I’d receive phone calls from entrepreneurs that had questions on trademarks. Unfortunately, many applications became “abandoned” because entrepreneurs did not understand the legal jargon of the federal trademark application process.

This experience empowered me to create a fully comprehensive course on applying for and registering trademarks.

While in law school, I founded the Georgetown Law Entrepreneurship Club. My passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed, and explaining the law in a clear and approachable manner that empowers them to fully understand Intellectual Property and business law. We help to make the legal easy so that entrepreneurs can focus on building their brands.


  • 17 lectures on understanding the fundamentals of trademarks
  • 12 lectures of Step-by-Step Guidance on Submitting Your Trademark to the USPTO
  • Free Trademark Infringement Cease and Desist Template
  • Educational handouts, including how to avoid common trademark mistakes and cease and desist tips.
  • An up-to-date course (2023) that is created by a former USPTO Trademarks Attorney and Georgetown Law graduate.

Disclaimer: This course is for educational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice.

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