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Business English Skills, Build your English communication skills for professional success.

You need strong language and communication skills to succeed in the English-speaking workplace. This free course helps you build those skills and start on your path to professional success.

In the free Business English Skills course, you will findĀ video lessons, quizzes, exercises, and resourcesĀ to help you work in an English-speaking company or use English at work. The lessons are for engineers, accountants, teachers, nurses, or any professionals that require English language skills.

You will learn language functions for work, helping you give advice, share your opinion, ask for help, give instructions, and much more. You will also consider how cultural differences affect workplace communication, which will help you communicate with your co-workers and clients.

You also need the language skills to help your professional speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Video lessons look at key grammar and vocabulary while giving you quizzes and exercises to practice. Each language explanation is in the context of a business environment. By developing these language skills, you will be able to better communicate in English in a professional way.

Strong English language skills are crucial to communicate effectively at work. This course is your chance to build those skills today. Get started developing your business English, and tear down those barriers to professional success!

Join this free course today to start building the skills you need to succeed!

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