Breathwork For Neck Pain, Back Pain and Digestion

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Breathwork For Neck Pain, Back Pain and Digestion, Because breathing is more than just relaxation.

Did you know that depending on how you are breathing you could be contributing to back or neck pain? And the way you breathe can also effect digestion! With this course you will learn how to use your breathing to help reduce your back and neck pain and get better use of your digestive system – even if you have injuries, IBS, Crohns or have never practiced different breathing techniques before.

Using the understanding of muscles and bio-mechanics of breathing as well as the knowledge of important nerves you will learn a better understanding of why breathing is so much more than feeling better mentally. In-fact better breathing can lower blood pressure, reduce headaches, increase digestion and improve your lymphatic system. This is all the while helping reduce your back and neck pain.

Most people only consider breathing techniques as part of meditation but as a Chronic Pain and Weightloss Coach, Registered Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, I recognize and utilize breath exercises to help my clients use their bodies more effectively while reducing pain.

You will start by understanding the muscles of respiration, the nerves that help those muscles work and the connection between all the different systems to work together instead of at odds. You’ll also learn the bio-mechanical difference between mouth breathing and nose breathing as well as exercises to address posture concerns, sleep apnea and increased range of motion.

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