The Cartesi dApp Developer Masterclass

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The Cartesi dApp Developer Masterclass, Build complex and scalable dApps with mainstream software development languages and tools.

Welcome to “The Cartesi dApp Developer Masterclass,” the first complete course offered by the Cartesi Developer Advocate Team designed to catapult you into the future of decentralized application (dApp) development. This cutting-edge course is meticulously structured to guide you through the complexities and innovations of building scalable, efficient, and sophisticated dApps using Cartesi’s groundbreaking technology.

Why Cartesi?

Cartesi is revolutionizing the blockchain space by addressing the critical challenges of scalability, cost-efficiency, and developer accessibility in dApp development. By leveraging Linux and standard programming environments, Cartesi empowers developers to create complex dApps with the performance and security of blockchain technology, without the traditional limitations.

Course Overview:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Cartesi and the Course
    • Kickstart your journey with a comprehensive introduction to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), its limitations, and the transformative solutions provided by Cartesi. Explore the essentials of blockchain, smart contracts, and the pivotal role of Layer 2 (L2) solutions in achieving scalability and efficiency in dApp development.
  • Module 2: Setting up Your Development Environment
    • Dive into the technical prerequisites of Cartesi dApp development. This module covers everything from installing WSL and Docker Desktop to setting up Node.js, Yarn, Python, and Sunodo on a Windows environment, ensuring you’re fully equipped to start building.
  • Module 3: Building Your First dApp on Cartesi
    • Put theory into practice by developing your first dApp on Cartesi. Learn about the Cartesi dApp architecture, the power of Sunodo, and the steps involved in writing the backend, managing client interactions, and understanding the roadmap of a real-world project.
  • Module 4: Handling Assets in Your dApp
    • Delve into the critical aspect of asset management within your dApps, including interactions with wallets, asset deposits (ether, ERC20, ERC721), and the development of dApp logic with a practical example of an auction system. This module also introduces Portals, offering a high-level overview of asset handling in Cartesi dApps.
  • Module 5: Interact with Traditional Smart Contracts
    • Conclude your learning journey by bridging the gap between Cartesi dApps and traditional smart contracts. Learn how to incorporate vouchers and inputs into your dApps and manage withdrawals through actual code demonstrations.

Who Should Enroll:

This masterclass is ideal for developers looking to expand their blockchain development skills, enthusiasts curious about decentralized technologies, and anyone interested in building more complex, efficient, and scalable dApps. Whether you’re new to blockchain or an experienced developer eager to explore Cartesi’s capabilities, this course offers valuable insights and hands-on experience.

Enroll now in The Cartesi dApp Developer Masterclass and embark on a transformative journey into the realm of advanced dApp development. Unlock the full potential of your blockchain projects with the power of Cartesi.

The Cartesi dApp Developer Masterclass
The Cartesi dApp Developer Masterclass
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