Learn AKS Storage Infrastructure

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Learn AKS Storage Infrastructure, Deep dive into the Azure AKS storage infrastructure for creating stateful applications.

You have already started learning Kubernetes ?

You are already using it since few months ?

You understand the core concepts ?
Should you say yes, then for sure you are looking for a deep dive into specific aspects like managing the storage and data persistence in a cluster.

This course will walk you through the exploration of the different storage options for Azure AKS like:

  1. Azure Disk (LRS, ZRS, Shared)
  2. Azure Blob Storage (NFS and Fuse)
  3. Azure File Share

Because working with data and persistent volumes requires thinking about the disaster recovery scenarios, this course will guide you on how to create a backup and restore for your cluster.

That will cover:

  1. Creating persistent volumes snapshots using kubernetes API
  2. Creating a backup for PVs and kubernetes objects using Velero

Customers who choose to deploy a database into the cluster will typically use primary and replica instances. This course will show you and example for that implementation using MySQL. Main database will be continuously replicated and synchronized to all the replica instances.

Important note:

Most of the topics and concepts present in this course are applicable to any Kubernetes cluster. But some are specific to Azure AKS.


You need to have an Azure subscription as we will create resources in Azure. You can create one for free.


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