[2024] Vaadin, Spring Boot, JPA and MYSQL

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[2024] Vaadin, Spring Boot, JPA and MYSQL, Vaadin 19+, Rest API, Spring Security, Spring, Maven, JPA and Mysql.

This comprehensive course teaches you how to develop API applications with Spring Boot and create user-friendly interfaces with Vaadin. Spring Boot simplifies web application development with automated configuration and workflows.

Course contents:

* Detailed guide on building REST APIs with Spring Boot

* Developing elegant user interfaces with Vaadin

* Database design, managing relationships between tables with Hibernate

* Integrating Spring Security for user authentication and security

* Demo example application for managing users and posts with API and Vaadin interface

* Instructions on deploying the application to a server

The course provides comprehensive knowledge on Spring Boot, REST APIs, Vaadin and application security. You will learn how to build a backend with Spring Boot, write REST APIs to connect to the frontend and database, create beautiful user interfaces with Vaadin, integrate login and user authentication functions with Spring Security.

After completing the course, students will have full knowledge and skills to build professional web applications with APIs and Vaadin interfaces. You can immediately apply the learned knowledge to your real projects, shorten development time and improve product quality.

The course instructor has over 2 years of experience building web applications with Java and Spring. Students will have access to practical exercises and project source code to apply the concepts learned. After finishing the course, you will have the skills to start developing your own APIs and UIs for professional use.

This is a hands-on course that provides complete knowledge to develop professional web applications. Join now to master Spring Boot, REST APIs and Vaadin technologies.

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