Astrology Masterclass: Finding Your Purpose

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Astrology Masterclass: Finding Your Purpose, Where to find our purpose, our career and calling in the birth chart + Yod + New Moon Horoscope!

This course teaches you about the chart elements to consider when interpreting for purpose, career and calling in a birth chart Рthis includes houses and house rulers involved and a specific lesson will also be on a chart figure called the Yod or the Finger of God (also: Finger of Fate).

You will also learn how to draft and interpret a supporting chart called the New Moon Horoscope that reveals details about our societal calling and expectations of society and how we can best use this knowledge to better achieve our goals.

You will learn how to interpret a birth chart with the elements relevant for finding out about purpose, career and calling – this includes besides the 6th, 10th and 5th houses and their rulers also the Northern Lunar Node, the Sun and the rising, the interpretation of the aspect figure of the Yod and the pre-birth New Moon Horoscope.

This knowledge will equip you well to shape your life and better achieve your goals.

This is an advanced course. The supplementary download materials and desk references should help you to follow along if you feel you miss some background.

There is a Q&A section like in every course, please feel free to use it. For more personal questions please use the direct messages.

Wish you many useful insights and lots of inspiration!


Jo-Ann Bryant

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