Artificial Intelligence & Future Tech Laws

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Artificial Intelligence & Future Tech Laws, Artificial Intelligence, its myriad benefits and evolving laws across the world.

This Course begins with explaining Artificial Intelligence and its subfields such as Machine learning and Deep learning and its importance in today’s world. Using apt examples and illustrations, it highlights benefits of Artificial Intelligence across different industry sectors. The course explains how deployment of AI will be instrumental in attaining new milestones in various industry sectors, be it healthcare, education or legal sector. It explains the key legal issues emanating from the use of AI and challenges in adapting existing laws to this new technology. The Course answers various questions ,interalia, can AI  form legally valid contracts and addresses issues of behavioral advertising.  Indian and Global initiatives and perspectives with regards to AI and the need to promote ‘Responsible AI’ are explained in detail. The strategy papers of Niti Ayog in India and key developments in European Union and United States and Canada and other countries is discussed. The  Course has various downloadable templates and additional resources, and e-books and additional reading materials for easy reference. It includes a preliminary and final MCQ assessment. In a nutshell, this course is a ready reckoner for anyone fascinated with future technology and wants to learn about how it works and how emerging tech is being regulated in India and other countries in the world!

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