Arabic and Quran (Reading and Writing)

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Arabic and Quran (Reading and Writing), ArabicandQuran.

In my course, you will learn Reading and writing for Arabic language and Quran.

Everything about writing and reading.

This course content from 4 sections

Section 1: writing rules( names of letters, and how can you join letters.)( shapes of letters, shapes of ha, shapes of hamza)

section 2: reading rules and reading words.( all the Grammer rules for reading) and reading many words.

section3: paragraph reading( reading some paragraphs, and learn very important notes for reading sentences)

section4: Quran reading ( reading small surah) and learn some tajweed rules.

Who this course is for:

This course is intended for students who have no previous knowledge of Arabic and who wish to gain a rapid understanding of the language.

Those that have perhaps done some Arabic in the past but need to brush up on those basic skills again before venturing into studying Arabic grammar

Those that are perhaps starting Arabic grammar studies soon and need to learn how to read the language as a prerequisite. This course offers a low-cost option.

Anybody that wants to learn to read Arabic.

Discover the profound beauty and spiritual depth of the Arabic language and the Quran through our transformative course.

Join our vibrant learning community and immerse yourself in the sacred text, unlocking its timeless wisdom and spiritual guidance

Start your Quran reading journey with us today and experience the joy of unlocking the wisdom and beauty of the Quran through reading.

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