English Slang in Movies and TV Shows

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English Slang in Movies and TV Shows, Watching clips from movies and TV shows is a fun way to learn English slang.

Learning English slang is essential if you want to speak and understand English at a native level.

In this free course you will:

  • Learn common English slang expressions
  • Watch slang usage in movie conversations
  • Study correct pronunciation of English expressions
  • Improve your overall English level

The course includes the following English slang expressions:

  1. Hearsay” = something heard from another person; rumor.
  2. Airhead” = stupid person.
  3. Gumshoe” = detective or private investigator.
  4. Plastered” = extremely drunk.
  5. Wacko” = strange or crazy person.
  6. Dope” = great, excellent.
  7. Crook” = dishonest person, especially someone who cheats or steals.
  8. Buzzkill” = someone or something that ruins enjoyment or pleasure.
  9. Hunky-dory” = fine, all right, okay.
  10. Blowhard” = very boastful and talkative person.
  11. Knackered” = very tired, exhausted.
  12. Guts” = courage.
  13. Brown-noser” = someone who pleases an important or powerful person in order to get a benefit.
  14. Rubbish” = very bad, worthless, useless, nonsense.
  15. Sitting duck” = easy target.
  16. Scarper” = to leave very quickly; to run away.
  17. Average Joe” = average, ordinary man.
  18. Mug” = face.
  19. Bad-mouth” = say bad things about someone or something.
  20. Early bird” = person who gets up early.
  21. Vent” = express a negative emotion.
  22. Bony” = so thin that the bones can be seen.
  23. Bicky” = biscuit.

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I’m Vlad Bay, I’m a founder of Learzing, we teach through edutainment, mixing education and entertainment. Watching clips from movies and TV shows is a fun way to learn English slang.

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