Roundup Reviews (Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SEO)

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Roundup Reviews (Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SEO), How to Write Roundup Reviews for Affiliate Marketing Earnings.

What is a Roundup Review?

A Roundup Review (RR) (aka “best X for Y”) is a type of review that compares multiple things (products, services, etc.) of a similar type to give consumers some direction on which to buy.

Roundup reviews typically look at a variety of products in one category to provide buying advice, including “pros and cons” of each product, and a recommendation for moving forward.

Roundup Reviews make great blog posts for affiliate revenue because consumers already know:

  1. The motivation (problem/desire)
  2. The solution they want to explore further

At this point in the buyer journey the consumer is simply trying to get an idea of which brand, provider, or specific product to choose that will fill their need.


The purpose of a Roundup Review is to reduce the amount of independent research that a consumer has to do on their own, and save them time.

The exchange of value here is time for money. You save the consumer time (by doing the research process for them) and you get paid for doing so (when a person buys a product through one of your links).

This course will teach you how to write them for optimal SEO & affiliate earnings.

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