ADHD for Teachers and Support Staff

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ADHD for Teachers and Support Staff, Significant ways to provide the right kind of support and resources in class for your ADHD pupils.

This course is a comprehensive guide for teachers and support teams, covering aspects of planning for lessons and teaching resources, environment, and behaviour.  It will also provide you with a good foundational knowledge and understanding of ADHD.

With approximately 6-8% of the population having a diagnosis of ADHD (and many others who do not…..)  It’s clear, then, that anyone working in an inclusive classroom is very likely to encounter pupils with ADHD.   It follow that teachers and support staff will always need to realise that their daily challenges in class will include behaviours consistent with ADHD.

Sometimes this behaviour gets in the way of learning, and creates an unwelcome and stressful class environment. This is certainly true for many learners of all ages, who have ADHD.

In turn, the ADHDer can easily lose out on many aspects of their education, whilst everyone grapples with the ‘doing the best they can do’ under the circumstances.  It also adds to the substantial disadvantages experienced in later life by some adults who have ADHD.

But when you understand more about ADHD, and you approach the learning and support with some simple and proven strategies, you will see a significant improvement in your students. And with each improvement you see, you’ll be spurred on to help and support even more. This will then enable the learner to find it easier to flourish.

It’s true to say that many studies show that when the adults in the classroom know more about ADHD, the progression of the students is markedly improved.   The information contained in this insightful course will ensure that you gain useful strategies to support the learning of students with ADHD, including behaviour, environment, lesson planning, study skills and barriers to learning.

We’ll look at the causes and triggers of difficult classroom behaviour, work out what the outward signs of ADHD are trying to tell you, and provide a number of ways to implement preventative practices.

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