Small Wins Action Plan – Overcoming Addictions

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Small Wins Action Plan – Overcoming Addictions, Giving You The Tools For Change.

Take Control of Your Negative Behaviour Cycles and Addictions…

After 20 years working with people who struggle with negative behaviour cycles I decided to create a course that explains the secrets that I have learned about change. Studying at Masters level in the areas of child psychology, sociology and cognitive development have informed this program. The secret recipe is super simple: Small change leads to BIG change! In this course you will learn some basic psychology and industry regarded strategies that unlock your brain’s capability for change.

Learn about how your mindsets were created throughout your childhood. These mindsets underpin your behaviours as an adult and the best part is these mindsets can be changed. I know this through implementing these strategies over 20 years in the education sector with both young people and adults struggling with addictions and negative behaviours. Everyone can change, its just a matter of knowing the strategies.

I’ve seen breakthrough with people who struggle with smoking, alcohol, drugs and cocaine, food, health anxiety, gaming, social media and multiple mental health complications. The core concept can be applied to any negative behaviour cycles to give an action plan that is easy to achieve based on the simplicity of the concepts.

Learn these simple strategies to gently transform negative behaviours into positive ones. Grow in your confidence within your ability to change and create self esteem through small wins.

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