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ACCEPTANCE and COMMITMENT Therapy · ACT · Certification, DIPLOMA issued by PSYCOlógicaMENTE · Become a specialist in ACCEPTANCE & COMMITMENT Therapy.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a psychotherapy within the so-called third generation psychotherapies and contextual therapies, which emerged between the 80’s and 90’s in the United States as part of the behavioral and cognitive therapeutic models.

Acceptance and commitment therapy is oriented towards the clarification of personal values and action committed to these values, in an attempt to develop a meaningful and meaningful life. This approach understands that suffering is something universal and inherent to the human being, so its intervention is not aimed at seeking the elimination of the symptom, but to expand the behavioral repertoire and increase the psychological flexibility of the patient, using different tools such as metaphors, experiential exercises and different strategies of acceptance and mindfulness or Mindfulness.

A good part of this course delves into the pillars or foundations that support Acceptance and Commitment therapy. This can be a very theoretical and sometimes dense content, but it is necessary because ACT is a different therapy from the most predominant therapies in Health Psychology, especially those belonging to the Biomedical perspective. For this reason, we will first delve into the three pillars that support Acceptance and Commitment Therapy:

  1. Functional Contextualism
  2. The Relational Frameworks Theory
  3. Experiential Avoidance Disorder or Psychological Inflexibility.

After this broad introduction to the fundamentals of ACT, we will enter into the therapeutic practice of ACT. Where we will try to clarify with demonstrations of Rol Play the following topics:

  1. Cognitive defusion
  2. Creative hopelessness
  3. Acceptance
  4. Contact with the present moment
  5. Clarification of personal values
  6. Action committed to those values
  7. The question of conscious control


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