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How to Build a Racing Game in Unity | Anything World, Unity Game Development, Building a Game from Scratch, Implementing Racing Mechanics.

Ready to turn your gaming dreams into reality? Buckle up, because, in this course, we’re revving up the fun! You’ll learn how to build an arcade racing game from scratch using Unity. We’ll take you through all the steps from getting set up with your scene and importing your 3D models to implementing the car mechanics including drifting and gear shifting.

Plus, we’ll teach you how to create logic for your gauges and the game’s User Interface (UI), including gears, speed and the engine’s rotation per minute. On top of that, you will also learn how to store the fastest lap, and since we’re storing the fastest lap we will also teach you how to prevent cheating.

All the code you need is included and the course is taught by a pro developer with 10+ years of experience in the gaming industry, including six years as a Unity Evangelist teaching people of all levels how to build games in Unity. We promise you’re in good hands! And what’s even better? It’s FREE! 

This course is published by Anything World – an AI-powered platform bringing 3D models to life at scale. Anything World is a Verified Solution Provider on the Unity Asset Store and provides access to thousands of game-ready 3D models with their SDK. Animate your 3D models with the Animate Anything tool – simply upload your 3D model and let AI do the heavy lifting.

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