Report Sales of Primary/Main Home Using TurboTax (1099-S)

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Report Sales of Primary/Main Home Using TurboTax (1099-S), Simplify Home Sale Tax Planning/Reporting of Primary Home Exclusion for Homeowners/Investors toSave on Capital Gains Tax.

Are you ready to take control of your home sales reporting with confidence and clarity? Look no further! In this comprehensive Udemy course, you’ll embark on a journey towards mastering TurboTax for reporting the sales of your primary residence. Led by seasoned tax expert and real estate investor, Mia Le, this course is meticulously designed to empower homeowners, investors, and professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of home sales reporting with ease.

Please note that this course is based on US Tax Laws.

Also note that this is for TURBOTAX ONLINE. If you use TurboTax Desktop, the process is similar but it is not exactly the same, follow a long but note that we do not provide step-by-step instruction for the desktop version.

Meet Your Instructor:

Mia Le, an Enrolled Agent with over 15 years of tax expertise, is your guide on this transformative journey. With a passion for real estate investing and a wealth of experience as a Business Counselor and Coach, Mia brings unparalleled insight and practical wisdom to the table. Get ready to learn from the best and elevate your financial prowess!

Course Objectives:

  • Gain a deep understanding of home sales in property transactions and its application to your primary residence, empowering you to make informed decisions beyond TurboTax.
  • Seamlessly navigate through TurboTax, from setup to reporting sales of primary homes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency every step of the way.
  • Confidently enter and accurately report the sale of your primary home in TurboTax, armed with real-world examples and expert guidance.
  • Troubleshoot common issues and questions related to home sales reporting in TurboTax through dedicated Q&A sessions, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Course Features:

  • Dive into the essentials of home sale reporting with insightful modules covering tax forms, qualifying criteria, adjusted basis, and more.
  • Unlock the full potential of TurboTax for home sale reporting with practical tips and step-by-step guidance tailored to your needs.
  • Discover the art of utilizing primary residence exclusions to save on capital gain taxes and optimize your financial strategy.
  • Benefit from post-sale tax planning tips and strategies to minimize future gains and ensure long-term financial success.
  • Engage in interactive Q&A sessions to troubleshoot common issues and gain clarity on complex topics.

Course Benefits:

  • Save capital gain taxes on home sales using primary home exclusions, putting more money back in your pocket.
  • Gain peace of mind and confidence in executing tax strategies with a thorough understanding of the numbers that impact your finances.
  • Navigate TurboTax with ease and save valuable time, making tax reporting a breeze.
  • Enjoy significant cost savings compared to other reporting options, making TurboTax the smart choice for your financial needs.


  • Comprehensive: Unlike fragmented courses or YouTube videos, this course offers a deep dive into complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, ensuring you master every aspect of home sales reporting.
  • Easy to understand: Complex concepts are broken down into logical modules, making learning effortless and enjoyable.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and over 15 years of experience, ensuring you receive the highest quality education and guidance available.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your home sales potential and take control of your financial future. Enroll now and embark on a journey towards financial mastery with TurboTax!

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While Mia Le and her associated entities exercise due diligence to maintain the accuracy and currency of the content on this platform, all information provided herein is presented “as is” without any warranties or representations of any nature regarding its accuracy or appropriateness for your specific needs.

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Report Sales of Primary/Main Home Using TurboTax (1099-S)
Report Sales of Primary/Main Home Using TurboTax (1099-S)
$11.99 $44.99
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